How To Trade
Forex Trading
1. Select the asset you would like to trade.
2. Choose your desired expiry time.
3. Enter the amount you would like to invest.
4. Payout Percentage indicates the return on your investment for options that expire in-the-money.
5. Choose Direction – Click “CALL” if you think the price will rise above the current rate at the expiry time, or click “PUT” if you believe the price will fall at the expiry time.
Useful Tips to bet safely with Forex Brokers

We are here to guide you that how you can safely place a bet in Forex trading with Forex Brokers. As we all know that range of brokers is increasing rapidly. Forex 24-7 is the website with reliable Forex brokers reviews to assist people to make wise trading decisions. We are providing you the basic tips on Forex trading at The following tips are designed to assist people who are completely new to Forex trading.

Things you must follow to bet safely in Forex trading

Fix your goal: Once you decide that what you want from the trading, you must create a particular timeframe which can help you to determine that how much time you can spend on trading. Setting up a clear goal can also help you to keep yourself focused.

Go for the right broker: Choosing the right Forex broker can help you to become a successful trader in Forex trading. He is the only person who handles all your investment. Choosing the right Forex broker is similar to choosing to the right mode of investment. All your investment in trading is depends upon the broker. So make sure to choose the best suitable broker for your trade from the site

Go for demo account first: Before playing for the real money, create a demo account and have some trial. Don’t move for the real money play until you are not aware of the basic strategies of the Forex trading.

Start playing with small amount first: As a beginner you must try with the small amount and low leverage until it generates profit into your account. So, don’t try for a large sum as there is the probability of losing the hard earned money. Making greater deposits can make you lose the large amount on initial stage of trading. 

Keep focus on a single currency pair: keep a limitation on a currency pair as it is beneficial to keep your financial activities under control. You must start doing trade with the currency of your nation. If this is not your choice then you can opt for most widely pairs of currency. This is the best option for beginners as well as experienced traders.

Do not invest if you’re losing: It is better to say ‘NO’or ‘Enough’ if you think that you are losing. In a situation when you are about to lose, instead of putting more money into the trade it is a good idea to quit and exit from the market.

Keep your emotions under control: Don’t forget that Forex is about probabilities, sometime you may win or sometime you may lose. So, be prepared whatever the result may be always keep your emotion under control.

So, if you want to be a successful trader in this trading then you must keep all the above mentioned factors into consideration.

Investment Warning: Trading shares with foreign exchange online is a risky task so read all terms and conditions before investing in any company/share or closing any contracts. There is a possibility that you would have to bear a loss in excess of your deposited amount with your broker, so choose your broker wisely and invest smartly in profitable company/shares.

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